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About TheWonderwalls

About us

In TheWonderwalls we dedicate ourselves exclusively to design and manufacture decorative self-adhesive vinyl decals with professional grade materials. Since 2006, we design, manufacture, and sell the TheWonderwalls brand. We control 100% of our processes and the quality of our brand. We are recognized as the leading brand of Vinyl Decals in the marketplace and magazines such as Times have confirmed it.

The installation process is very easy, our designs come in separate elements, which allow you to perfectly place the decals to the desired measured space and play with the design to your preference.The complex models come with a template that allows you to reproduce the design accurately but you can always have the freedom of creating your own composition. We use a removable material that allows for correcting any mistakes at the moment of the installation.

They can adapt to any flat surface, wall, glass, furniture, door, mirror, computer etc…

All of our vinyl decals come inside a designer's folder making it perfect for gifting.


Our Story

TheWonderwalls is a pioneer brand in decorative vinyl decals. This is a Project of Marcela Gómez, designer and creator of the TheWonderwalls Brand and co-owner of the design shop L'Appartement. In 2005 opens the first store L'Appartement in Barcelona. The idea behind TheWonderwalls was born in 2005 as a new proposal for reinventing wall decoration, in 2006 this idea become true and the designer started making TheWonderwalls decals exclusively. These are self-adhesive wall decals that allow transforming in minutes any space into a personal, original, fun and sophisticated place. In 2007 the online shop is launched using the address and in 2008 TheWonderwalls was named as the latest trend decoration product by the Times magazine.


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