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Flavita Banana es el nombre artístico de la ilustradora Flavia Álvarez. Desde muy joven, descubrió su pasión por dibujar todo lo que se le pasaba por la cabeza. Al finalizar sus estudios de Arte y Diseño y cursos superiores de ilustración, se dio cuenta de que era esa clase de artista que necesita expresar situaciones y personajes con gran contenido narrativo. Historias que van más allá de lo que se puede ver. Dotada de una capacidad única para interpretar a las personas, ha creado un estilo propio para dibujar personajes despojados de sus máscaras y formalidades, como bien muestra en su colaboración en The Wonderwalls. Su trabajo destaca por su sinceridad, por la mezcla de emociones y, sobre todo, por su gran sentido del humor.

Flavita Banana is the artistic moniker of the Ilustrator Flavia Alvarez. Since her very young age, Flavia discovered her passion for drawing everything that passed through her head. After a necessary Art & Design education and higher studies of Ilustration at the well reputaded Escola Massana of Barcelona, she realized
that she was the kind of artist that needed to express situations and persons with a heavy narrative content.
Tell a story that goes far beyond what can be seen. Gifted with a unique capacity to read people, the Ilustrator carved her own style which allows her to draw characters stripped from their masks and formalities. Her work stands out for its sincerity, mixed emotions and most of all a strong sense of humour.

Before placing the vinyl decals please consider the layout that you want to create, you can follow our proposal, but you also can change it adapting it to your available space. Make small guides over the wall if you require it. The vinyl decal may be placed over any flat surface, and if you like it you can place it over walls, windows, mirrors, furniture, refrigerators, etc.

WITH TRANSFER: These ones come with a transparent transporting tape, special for complex designs.

Cut the different figures that you want to separate. You must cut only the figure AREA in order to separate it from the others. DON'T cut following the exact border shape. With the help of a ruler, flatten the vinyl decal in both directions for a better transfer adherence. Separate the transfer and the vinyl decal from the back white sheet. Carefully, all the figure parts must stick to the transfer.
Carefully place the vinyl along with the transfer on the wall. With the help of a ruler, flatten the vinyl for a better wall adherence. From the top corner begin to carefully take the transfer off by pressing your hands over the wall.

WITHOUT TRANSFER: When the element is a simple figure or lines only


Peel off element from the back white sheet. Stick it carefully on the wall. In case that your model comes with lines, you can place them straight or you can create curves, in the latter you can shape it as you go placing it on the wall.


How to install a decorative vinyl decal


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Our vinyl decals come in separate elements so you can always make your own design and adapt it to your desired dimensions.

We use Professional quality Vinyl.

-Our decals are fully removable.
-We use matte vinyl so all our decals look just like they are painted on your wall.
- Mirror image is possible. Just say it when you are ordering. (If you are interested in mirror images, this is possible! Just say it when you are ordering).

They are easy to apply! Our decals come with transfer paper, and application instructions. Just peel the backing away and place the decals where you want them. Smooth them and peel away the transfer paper… voila! A great transformation for any room!

Decals may be applied to hard, clean, smooth and dry surfaces. They are removable but not reusable! Please use caution (be cautious) when removing decals. Depending on the age or condition of the painted surface underneath, some touch ups may be necessary.